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Offering speciality Jerky since 2015

-   ABOUT US  -

The background on Honestly Smoked is really pretty simple. It’s 2 guys- passionate about great food, and even more passionate about great Jerky. At the heart of this operation is us- Garrett and Alex -turning all the knobs and pulling all the levers. As you can see, this bit of literature isn’t written in the third person because we’re writing it; Just like we designed the entire process for how our Jerky is made- start to finish.

No part of Honestly Smoked was farmed out (no pun intended). Our obsession with Hardwood Smoking beautiful hunks of Grass-Fed Beef drove our curiosity and passion to stack every brick of this operation ourselves, bit-by-bit.

In the beginning, we blue-printed and constructed our own production facility; we hand-wrote every piece of the manufacturing process to be approved and upheld by the fine folks at the USDA; we formulated every drop of the recipe ourselves- including our hunt for the best Grass-Fed Beef around; and we made all the pretty pictures on the bags. Why did we put our concerted time and attention into every ounce of this Jerky outfit? Well simply because that was the only way to make sure it was done right; to produce Jerky that was up to our standards; to break the mold.

So here we are, mold broken and still firmly at the helm of this Meat Ship. Today, we’re a little bigger than we were back then: We’ve asked for help from some good friends with bigger kitchens, to put it simply, and we’ve grown our Grass-Fed Beef family to keep the same quality we’ve always promised. At the end of the day, our roof’s gotten a little bigger, but we’re still doing all the rest by hand. Whether it’s creating new recipes, new packaging, or new Jerky love affairs with great folks, we’re front and center.

Thanks for checking us out- we really think you’ll agree all the fuss is worth it.

Here’s looking forward to hearing from you-

Alex & Garrett

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